The Fast And Fabulous Women Behind The Wheel Of NASCAR

Athletes | 3/7/19

The world of racing has always been dominated by men but over time women have begun to stake their claim. Considering the fact that 40% of NASCAR fans are women it makes sense that quite a few of them have wanted to get out of the stands and into the driver’s seat.

Women have begun to enter into the world of NASCAR, where unlike some sports, its a level playing field. Driving a fast car with skill and passion isn’t something only a man can do. Check out these incredible women of NASCAR and prepare to be impressed.

Shawna Robinson Shined in her Rookie Year

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Craig Jones/Getty Images
Craig Jones/Getty Images

In 1988, Robinson landed the title as the first female to win a NASCAR Touring Series. While she had been racing vehicles since she was a child, 1988 marked the first year Robinson began competing professionally. Her early success led her to be named the 1988 “Most Popular Driver” and “Rookie of the Year.”

Three years later, she moved on to the Busch Series but didn’t do as well. Robinson put up respectable times for the next three years but chose to retire in order to start a family. Like many women at the top of their field, she couldn’t resist the itch and returned to driving. In 2005, she retired for good.