Life In Minor League Baseball Humbles Even The Most Highly Touted Prospects

Baseball | 4/16/19

Before reaching the major leagues, MLB’s top prospects must work their way through the minors. Consisting of three levels, Single A, Double A, and Triple A, it’s a grueling path to the big show filled with cramped quarters, questionable transportation, and day-old hot dogs. Still, this life is worth it for those driven athletes hoping to crack a big league roster and have a chance at a World Series ring. After reading this, you’ll find out if you have the mental fortitude it takes to literally work your way to the bigs from the ground up.

Could You Survive On $300 A Month?

dirk hayhurst minor league baseball salary
Elsa/Getty Images
Elsa/Getty Images

While there is some money to had in minor league baseball for high-level prospects, there is little, if any, for “non-prospects.” Dirk Hayhurst revealed as much in his eye-opening book The Bullpen Gospels: A Non-Prospect’s Pursuit Of The Major Leagues and the Meaning of Life.”

In the book, Hayhurst says he was paid $800 a month, which dwindled to $300 after taxes, housing, insurance, and clubhouse dues were subtracted. To keep his spirits up, he said he would look to his fellow teammates, smile, and say, “Living the Dream!”