What If These Players Played For Their Hometown Team?

Basketball | 2/21/19

Thanks to the draft system the NBA and all other sports have in place, it’s rare that a player will play for the town they grew up in. This helps balance the league since some cities are the birthplace for the greatest athletes in the NBA right now. After all, things might become a little unfair if all the superstars from Los Angeles played for the Lakers. If teams were composed of only players from their hometown, here is what they would look like. We’re guessing teams like Chicago and Charlotte would almost be too good…

Los Angeles Clippers

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Key players: Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook, and DeMar DeRozen.

First and foremost, those three key players aren’t even all this Los Angeles team would have to offer, but they are the most important. In the real NBA, the Clippers have never won a championship nor have they even made it to the Finals.

That would surely change if you add Westbrook and DeRozen to the mix. An MVP and one of the best shooters in league history isn’t that bad. They would also have the huge Lopez twins as their big men ready to protect the basket.