From Barry Sanders To Emmitt Smith, Here Are The Best Running Backs Of All Time

Football | 6/18/19

Running backs are an essential part of every football team. Even if it means risking injury and shortening their playing careers, running backs charge straight into some of the strongest and biggest men on Earth, and they increase their team’s chances of winning. Some of the most nimble people alive have held the position of running back, and the role is key to a successful football team. With the capability of turning nothing into something in the blink of an eye, only a few athletes have captured the attention of a nation like the best running backs in history.

Marshall Faulk Was A Key Component To The Greatest Show On Turf


Marshall Faulk put on the Greatest Show on Turf. There’s always something that separates your good running backs from the legendary ones, and Faulk was a merciless playmaker. The all-purpose running back averaged 4.3 yards per carry and had 100 rushing touchdowns over his career.

Even in his “down” years, he racked up stats that many current Pro Bowlers have a difficult time achieving. By the end of his career, he became the number one running back in receiving yards and tenth all-time on the rushing list.