NASCAR’s Richest Drivers Aren’t Worried About Speeding Tickets

Sports | 3/2/19

Stock car racing is undeniably one of the most popular sports in the United States. Sanctioned by the NASCAR, it’s home to 17 of the top 20 most attended events every year. For the men and women behind the wheels of these cars, the financial rewards are momentous, skyrocketing as attendance and television viewing records are shattered yearly. If you thought NFL, NBA, and MLB players were well compensated for their talents, then you’ve never taken a look at the books of NASCAR’s highest paid racers!

Jimmie Johnson – $120 Million

Jimmie Johnson nascar richest drivers
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

If you think Jimmie Johnson has a lot of money now, just wait until his racing career is over! Up to now, the current face of NASCAR has earned $120 million in his career. When he finally pulls over and retires, we imagine Dale Earnhardt Jr. might lose his place on this list.

Johnson isn’t letting his wealth and fame cloud his vision, though. The athlete prefers to stay humble, donating large chunks of his earnings while participating in hundreds of charity events. He even has his own non-profit, the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, which works to raise money for K-12 public schools.

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