These Are The Worst NBA Draft Mistakes In Recent History

Sports | 5/21/19

The NBA Draft is full of mystery. Will the number-one prospect be everything recruiters imagined? Can a team find a sleeper in the second round? Does trading current talent for youth prove better in the long run? There isn’t an exact art to the madness, but some teams get it right. Meanwhile, other franchises tend to drop the ball. Can you believe 34 teams refused to select future champion Draymond Green? With two rounds and a total of 60 picks, click through and find out the most significant NBA Draft mistakes in recent years.

2008: Miami Misses a Future Record Holder

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Derrick Rose was the number-one pick of the 2008 draft. No mistakes there by the Chicago Bulls because who could have known he would tear his ACL one year after becoming the youngest player to win the MVP? The Miami Heat, on the other hand, made a huge mistake.

With the second pick, the Heat decided to bring in Michael Beasley from Kansas State. Future all-star Kevin Love was still available, but Russell Westbrook was the real star of this draft. A combination of Dwayne Wade and Westbrook could have been scary for the NBA, but Kevin Durant and Westbrook turned out fine. Sorry, Miami.