“America’s Winningest Driver” Richard Trickle Was a True Racing Legend

Athletes | 2/22/19

Richard Trickle was more than just a funny name. He was a racing legend who knew that his name had marketing value. He knew that any jokes thrown his way because of it wouldn’t just help him get attention, but also the attention of NASCAR. When he retired, Keith Olbermann even credited Trickle with making NASCAR mainstream. He won more races than anyone in history and inspired a new generation of drivers to get behind the wheel. Tragically, at 71 years old, Trickle took his life. Although he may be gone, he is far from forgotten. This is everything you need to know about Richard Trickle.

He Was The Short Track Hero

dick trickle and his short track car
ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images
ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images

Richard Trickle won over 1,200 short track races in his career before he started racing for NASCAR. The unfathomable number of wins earned him the nickname “America’s Winningest Driver.” Unsurprisingly, part of his drive came from his upbringing.

As a boy, Trickle grew up on Welfare. He started working at 13 and learned an incredible work ethic. Once he started short track racing, he couldn’t stop. For 15 years, Trickle raced in over 1,500 races. His winning percentage was unmatched, causing NASCAR owners to take notice. In 1989, he made his NASCAR debut.