Athletes Who Spend Outrageous Amounts Of Money On The Most Ridiculous Things

Athletes | 10/8/19

Having access to a tremendous amount of money can be dangerous for some people. When star athletes make it to the big leagues, many of them make lavish purchases. Even when they’ve made it for a few years and get to sign a huge contract, they’ll usually be inclined to splurge. Although some know how to maintain their savings and can make whatever purchases they wish, don’t even get us started on what certain retired players do with their money. Here are some athletes that spend their fortunes on ridiculous things!

Tom Brady And His Luxury G550

brady on jet

As sensational as Tom Brady is, he’s earned the ability to splurge. No matter if that means spending $50 million on a luxurious Gulfstream G550. His $25 million annual salary helps him be able to purchase things of this nature.

Now, Brady can take his beautiful wife Gisele B√ľndchen wherever she wants — in style and in a hurry. As long as he’s not practicing or preparing to win another Super Bowl, the airways are ready for Brady.