Bizarre Clauses That These Athletes Have Written Into Their Contracts

Athletes | 3/22/19

How a contract is negotiated in professional sports can drastically affect how a player performs on the field or court. If a player isn’t satisfied with their contract, it could drag their performance down. Teams use contracts to help motivate players while also helping them identify their worth.

A contract clause is a provision that helps to sweeten the deal for either the player or the franchise. These provisions can be used to the team’s benefit by protecting their assets and create expectations that players have to live up to. Here are some of the craziest contract clauses that we can’t believe athletes actually have.

Balotelli’s Good Behavior Clause

Xavier Laine/Getty Images
Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Mario Balotelli has been tainted by his somewhat unpredictable and unmanageable antics off of the soccer field. He’s a great player but is widely criticized for his work ethic and temperament. This is why AC Milan decided to give him some incentives in his contract.

They decided to add a “good behavior” clause that looks to limit his “outlandish” haircuts, smoking, going to nightclubs, and posting controversial stuff on social media. Those are some high expectations for Balotelli.