How Chris “Birdman” Andersen Got Tied Up In An Intricate Catfishing Scandal

Athletes | 5/21/19

Since its inception, social media has evolved into something that no one saw coming. In the past, it used to be used strictly to communicate with your friends. Today, it feels like it runs our lives, and many have learned to utilize it to manipulate people, especially the rich and famous. Just ask NBA player Chris Andersen, also known as “Birdman,” who fell victim to a “catfishing” scheme not too long ago. It all happened right when Birdman was catching his stride in the NBA…

An Unexpected Turn

bird andersen
Rob Foldy/Getty Images
Rob Foldy/Getty Images

It was just another day for Chris Andersen as he headed to the Pepsi Center in Denver where the Nuggets play. During what he thought to be a routine trip to his team’s arena, a nightmare unfolded in a matter of moments as his NBA career was suddenly on the line.

The annoying sound of sirens honed in on Birdman. He thought he was only getting pulled over for a speeding ticket. The cops informed him that speeding would be the least of his worries. A team of officers and members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit were headed to his with a search warrant…