Former NBA Athlete Delonte West Could Use Serious Help Before It’s Too Late

Athletes | 1/24/20

“I’ve never shared this like this,” Delonte West said. The rise and fall of former NBA athlete West isn’t a pretty one, nor is it anything his peers or loved ones want to see. One might ask the question, “Well, why isn’t anyone helping him?” The NBA would receive tons of backlash if they hadn’t already attempted to provide some assistance to West. The real inquiry is, how do you support West? While there isn’t a direct answer to that, knowing how he fell so deep into the abyss is one way to learn how to start providing him with the proper attention he needs.

The West Story

the player on the bench
Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images
Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, has had plenty of talented players grace the court. From “The Big Ticket,” Kevin Garnett, to Kyrie Irving and Ray Allen, the Celtic faithful have had the pleasure of seeing some special players over the years.

Perhaps none of them have been as unique as West. More talented, yes, but everything surrounding the player, including that patented birthmark on his lip to the wild rumors of what he reportedly did with a teammate’s mother, make West as intriguing as they come.