Everything You Need To Know About Notorious MMA Bad Boy Conor McGregor

Athletes | 3/19/19

Even if you don’t pay attention to UFC, you’ve probably heard the name Conor McGregor. He’s a highly decorated mixed martial artist who loves to party and doesn’t mince his words. When this Irish bad boy isn’t making a name for himself in the ring, he’s making our jaws drop with his antics.

McGregor might like his flashy suits and he sure does know how to throw an insult (and a punch) but there is more than meets the eye. Find out how McGregor went from schoolyard scraps to making $30 million for a single fight with Floyd Mayweather.

He Didn’t Get In Your Average Schoolyard Fights

mcgregor 1

As a kid growing up in Ireland, McGregor was like many boys his age and would get in scuffles every once in a while on the schoolyard. While most kids just fight with their instincts, McGregor was different. For a young Conor, he would leave the fight and analyze every single move of what had just happened.

If he won, he’d think about which moves put him on top. If he lost, he’d start thinking about what moves he could have done differently. The habit started out as a way to protect himself, but over time, it turned into appreciating an art form.