The Greatest Fictional Athletes To Stand Up And Cheer For

Athletes | 2/18/20

Sports fans love to debate about the greatest athletes of all time. Even though it can be tough to compare a baseball player to a football player to a basketball player, that certainly doesn’t stop sports enthusiasts.

And the comparisons don’t stop just with athletes. Sports films have given us some of the most memorable fictional athletes of all-time The best sports movies are endlessly quoted, imitated and broken down. It can be tough to pick just the best from films and TV but we’re going to give it a try below.

Ricky Vaughn – Major League

Via Morgan Creek Productions
Via Morgan Creek Productions

If the last few postseasons have been any indication, few things are more valuable in the playoffs than a dominant late-inning reliever. And Ricky Vaughn, the bullpen star of the Cleveland Indians, represented just that.

The Wild Thing may have had some issues with his control and also gave up a few too many long balls, but he was generally very reliable. Vaughn’s best moment came in the ALCS when he struck out White Sox slugger Jake Parkman sending the Wahoos to the World Series.