Life As An NCAA Student-Athlete Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

Athletes | 9/11/19

For many students entering college, it is a time of newfound freedom and excitement. They are away from their parents for the first time and looking forward to studying hard, maybe taking on a job and, of course, doing plenty of partying.

College athletes, though, play by an entirely different set of rules. Not only do they have to spend most of their time in on the practice field or in the weight room, but they also have to keep their grades up in order to stay eligible. Here is everything you need to know about what life as a student-athlete is really like!

A Full Ride Doesn’t Mean Everything Is Covered

student athlete scholarship full ride
Ray Chavez/Media News Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images
Ray Chavez/Media News Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

Most student-athletes who receive scholarship offers aren’t aware that the offer covers just one year at a time. Each year, the scholarship must be renewed at the coach’s discretion. The player can receive a maximum of five year’s tuition covered.

And while the scholarship will cover many of the costs of going to school, it doesn’t always cover all of them. Most big-time football and basketball schools cover all costs, but with many other sports, the scholarship will only cover a portion of the bill.