How The Movie “Rudy” Changes The Real Life Story

Athletes | 11/21/19

The decision to make Rudy was made in a very random and fortuitous way. Angelo Pizzo and David Anspagh had success with the movie Hoosiers and were on the lookout for a new sports movie. A brother of their friend overheard Rudy telling his Notre Dame tale and alerted the filmmakers of the story.

To give the movie a bit more drama, Pizzo and Anspagh took some liberties with the actual events. While some changes are major and some are minor, they all had an impact on the final product.

The Movie – Rudy Had An Older Brother

rudy watching football at home
TriStar Pictures
TriStar Pictures

In the film version, Rudy had an older brother named Frank. His brother worked at the steel mill with Rudy and his father. Frank was not supportive of his brother and encouraged him to realize that his place was at home working at the mill.

Eventually, after Rudy is able to make the football team and appear in a game for the Fighting Irish, Frank comes around and begins to support his younger brother and takes their father to the game.