Olympic Athletes Who Were Stripped Of Their Medals And Glory

Athletes | 12/30/19

There is, perhaps, no accomplishment more stirring for any athlete than winning an Olympic medal. Not only do these participants get to shine on the world’s biggest stage, but they also get the incredible feeling that goes along with representing your own country.

Some of these athletes, though, feel so much pressure to do well that they try to rig the competition. Over the years, hundreds of athletes have been punished for trying to cheat through performance enhancers or other methods. Here are some of the most memorable Olympians who have been stripped of medals.

Jim Thorpe – 1912 Gold Medals

jim thorpe stripped of olympic medal
Bain News Service/Interim Archives/Getty Images
Bain News Service/Interim Archives/Getty Images

The first athlete to have their medals stripped is also among the greatest in American history. Jim Thorpe competed in multiple events during the 1912 Olympics and won gold in both the pentathlon and decathlon.

The medals were stripped from Thorpe once it was discovered that he had made money playing professional baseball. There was little controversy over the issue, but the Olympic Committee took the matter very seriously. The medals were eventually reinstated in 1982.