Next To These Professional Athletes Stand Their Equally Successful Wives

Athletes | 4/23/21

When it came to a wife, these professional athletes married the best of the best. Successful actresses, former beauty queens, and even professional athletes, these men aren’t the only ones raking in the big bucks.

From NFL star Andrew East’s Olympian wife Shawn Johnson East to MLB star Justin Verlander’s top model wife Kate Upon, here are the very successful wives of some well-known professional athletes.

Shawn Johnson East: Net Worth Of $9 Million

In the case of Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East, the athlete attracted the athlete. Or the Olympic gymnast attracted the NFL long snapper. Best known for winning gold on the balance beam at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Shawn has moved on from competition and into more business-like ventures.

In 2020, the former Olympian partnered up with Mentionables Lingerie Line, a “line that aims to empower women on their self-love.” With her various endorsements, partnerships, and previous competition winnings, Shawn’s net worth is an estimated $9 million.

Julie Ertz: Net Worth Of $3 Million

Julie Ertz married NFL tight end Zach Ertz, in 2017 but being a professional soccer star; she’s very successful on her own. Currently, Julie is playing for the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League, a huge achievement considering it’s the highest division of professional soccer in the country.

The 2019 U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year, Julie is making a pretty penny playing the sport she loves. Her current estimated net worth is $3 million.

Ciara: Net Worth Of $20 Million

International music sensation Ciara, the “Princess,” was way successful even before she met her now-husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. With seven successful studio albums, modeling gigs, and a few film and TV appearances, Ciara has put her foot in virtually every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Ciara and Russell Wilson
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Grammy Award-winning artist recently attended Harvard Business School to study the Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports program. No doubt the program will help the singer increase her $20 million net worth.

La La Anthony: Net Worth Of $30 Million

Even before she married NBA star Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony was making quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry. In the early 2000s, she appeared in films such as You Got Served and Two Can Play The Game and even hosted reality dating shows on VH1.

La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony
Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic
Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

Now, she’s a successful businesswoman, New York Times best-selling author, and stars in her own reality series, La La’s Full Court Life. With all of her various ventures, La La has a solid net worth of $30 million.

Gisele Bundchen: Net Worth Of $400 Million

Strong, successful, and downright gorgeous, Gisele Bundchen has a net worth double her husband’s, NFL G.O.A.T Tom Brady. That net worth? A Solid $400 million. Shedding the “unhealthy” stereotype of top models, Bundchen marched into the industry, showcasing her curves, tan, and healthy physique.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
George Pimentel/Getty Images
George Pimentel/Getty Images

Throughout her career, Bundchen has appeared on over 1,200 magazine covers and, in 2014, she was even listed as one of the world’s most powerful women by Forbes.

Lauren Holiday: Net Worth Of $1 Million

Meeting while they were both student-athletes at UCLA, it’s no wonder Lauren and Jrue Holiday wound up together — greatness attracts greatness! While Jrue is an NBA point guard, Lauren was one of the leading professional soccer players in the United States before retirement.

A FIFA World cup champion and a two-time Olympic gold medalist, Lauren was the first player in the history of the National Women’s Soccer League to have her number retired. Now, she spends her time as a mom with a solid net worth of over $1 million.

Ayesha Curry: $10 Million

Even though she’s married to NBA star Steph Curry, Ayesha Curry is very successful on her own. A cooking television personality, Ayesha worked her way up from a tiny Youtube platform to her own Food Network series, Ayesha’s Homemade.

Ayesha Curry: $10 Million
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Express
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Express

She even published a cookbook in 2016, The Seasoned Life. Now, she’s the executive producer, judge, and host of the TV series Family Food Fight. All of her hard work paid off, literally. Ayesha has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Dr. Ashley Hogan: Net Worth = A Lot (She Is A Doctor!)

NFL star Chris Hogan might have signed a multi-million dollar contract, but his better half, his wife Ashley, is a complete stud in her own right. After finishing up her residency in 2017, Ashley has since become a full-time podiatrist.

Oh, and she finished that up while pregnant with twins! Even before her residency, Ashley was an All-American lacrosse player at Pennsylvania State and has even participated in the Reebok Crossfit Games. Her net worth isn’t on the record, but with her medical license, it’s sure to be high.

Elisha Cuthbert: Net Worth of $24 Million

Actress Elisha Cuthbert was starring in major teen films and television shows long before meeting her husband, former professional hockey player Dion Phaneuf. Some of her more notable works include The Girl Next Door, House of Wax, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

In 2021, she is set to star in two films, The Cellar and Friday Afternoon in the Universe. Cuthbert’s acting work has earned her a pretty penny, bringing her current estimated net worth up to $24 million.

Jaime Edmondson: Net Worth Of $1 Million – $5 Million

Married to MLB star Evan Longoria, Jaime Edmondson graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Criminal Justice before pursuing a career as a police officer in Boca Raton. She became well-known after joining the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad and entering a few seasons of the reality game show The Amazing Race.

Needless to say, her success has come from very different avenues! Even so, it all led her to a net worth of $1 Million – $5 Million.

Stephanie McMahon: $150 Million

As a fierce businesswoman, semi-retired professional wrestler, and the chief brand officer of the WWE, it’s safe to say Stephanie McMahon’ can take care of herself and is very successful. Aside from her role in WWE, McMahon has been writing a memoir, has done voice acting for Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, and even appeared on Undercover Boss.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

While her husband, Triple H, has a solid paycheck, McMahon is doing just fine with her net worth of $150 million.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters: Net Worth Of $5 Million

Tim Tebow’s wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, made a successful career out of being a beauty queen long before meeting the NFL and MLB player. In 2017, she became the second-ever contestant from South Africa to win the title of Miss Universe.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and Tim Tebow
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

During her reign, Nel-Peters’ main focus was empowering women, something she continues to do even without a crown. With years of pageant competitions and sponsorships, Nel-Peters has accumulated a solid net worth of $5 million.

Alex Morgan: $3 Million

Since 2011, Alex Morgan has been a force on the professional stage, or, better yet, the professional soccer field. A former co-captain of the United States women’s national team, and a 2019 FIFA World Cup champion, Morgan has multiple endorsement deals with businesses such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and even McDonalds.

Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Due to all of her partnerships, in 2015, she was named the highest-paid American soccer player. Her husband, fellow soccer star Servando Carrasco, is undoubtedly proud of her $3 million net worth!

Kealia Ohai: Net Worth Of $1 Million

Professional athletes seem to attract professional athletes; at least, that’s the case for soccer player Kealia Watt and NFL star J.J. Watt. Let’s focus on the former, though, since she is quite successful.

Starting her professional career in 2014, Kealia was the number two overall pick, making her debut as part of the Houston Dash. Most recently, in 2020, she’s been traded to the Chicago Red Stars. Kealia’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

Kate Upton: Net Worth Of $20 million

She might be married to World Series champion Justin Verlander, but Kate Upton is very successful on her own. A well-known Sports Illustrated model, Upton has ventured into other avenues of the entertainment industry since her start in 2008.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander
Theo Wargo/WireImage
Theo Wargo/WireImage

Upton’s appeared in multiple films, such as The Disaster Artist, The Other Women, and The Layover. But, recently, she’s been spending time at home with her and her husband’s daughter. With all of her modeling and acting work, Upton’s net worth is around $20 million.

Amelia Vega: Net Worth Of $1 Million

Amelia Vega was making a name for herself in the world of pageantry and music before she met NBA star Al Horford. In 2003, Vega became the first Miss Universe contestant to win the crown from the Dominican Republic. In 2010, her first single, “Pasa Un Segundito,” became the top Latin song on iTunes.

Currently, Vega is still promoting her music, opening shows for the likes of Marc Anthony And Chayanne. Her net worth is an estimated $1 million.

Lisa Muller: Net Worth Of $1 Million – $5 Million

While her husband, Thomas Muller, has made a career out of being a successful soccer player, Lisa Muller has made it her goal to become the best in dressage, a specific form and unique discipline for horseback riding.

Moving on in the ranks of the niche sport, Lisa’s partnered with Land Rover, Jaguar, Roeckle and has even dabbled in a bit of modeling. As of 2021, her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million.

Teyana Taylor: Net Worth Of $5 Million

Iman Shumpert might be an NBA star but his wife, Teyana Taylor, is just as successful, just in a different way. Starting her career in 2005, Taylor signed to Pharrell Williams’ label Star Trak Entertainment. Then, in 2011, she switched over to Kanye West’s GOOD Music.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert
Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Roger Dubuis
Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Roger Dubuis

She’s since collaborated with huge artists such as Usher and Omarion. Taylor’s even strut her stuff down the runway during Fashion Week! As of 2021, her net worth is around $5 million.

Allison Stokke: Net Worth Of $5 Million

Between professional golfer Rickie Fowler and his wife, fitness model, and pole vaulter Allison Stokke, they’re one successful couple! Starting her pole vaulting journey in high school, Stokke continued to the collegiate and, eventually, the national level.

Allison Stokke and Rickie Fowler
Ryan Young/PGA TOUR
Ryan Young/PGA TOUR

Unfortunately, she failed to make it on the Olympic team in 2012, but that didn’t stop Nike and Athleta from signing the beautiful athlete on as a fitness model. Her partnerships and competition winnings as put a pretty penny in her bank account, a solid $5 million.

Pilar Rubio: $2 Million

Pilar Rubio has had smashing success in television. From being a reporter for the program Sé lo que hicisteis to starring in television series such as Pirates and collaborating on the live-audience show El Hormiguero, Rubio has been a force in the Spanish entertainment industry.

Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos
Pablo Cuadra/WireImage
Pablo Cuadra/WireImage

Beginning their relationship in 2012, Rubio and soccer star Sergio Ramos married in 2019. They currently have four children together. With so many kids, Rubio’s net worth of $5 million probably comes in handy!