See Inside Brett Favre’s Green Bay Home

Athletes | 11/1/19

You may know Brett Favre as a quarterback who played for the NFL for two decades straight. While he was active, the celebrated athlete played for the Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings, but the majority of his career was spent with the Green Bay Packers.

His home in Green Bay, Wisconsin sits just two miles from Lambeau Field in a pleasant neighborhood full of tall trees, green lawns, and ranch-style homes. Get ready to walk through the home Brett returned to after each of those captivating Packers games.

A Charming Suburban Home

A long walkway leads to the front of the home..

Driving down Shady Lane in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you’ll stumble upon this quaint home. The exposed brick is a charming feature of the ranch-style home. You’ll also notice that the walkway is extra-long leading to the front door.

That’s because the front yard is as spacious as many backyards, offering lush grass and towering trees. The symmetry of the home also enhances the home’s curb appeal and is emphasized by the green landscaping on either side of the concrete walkway.