This Is Shaq’s Massive Vehicle Collection

Athletes | 12/10/19

Shaquille O’Neal is such a famous basketball player that even those who have never watched a game in all of their life will likely recognize the name. His giant stature and devotion to his career have made him one of the highest-paid athletes around. Like many wealthy individuals, Shaq has one weakness when it comes to spending that fortune: vehicles. Whether it’s a massive, Terminator-themed pickup truck, three back-to-back Bentleys, or a three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot he can barely fit into, Shaq has got to have it. Read on to check out the outrageous car collection this NBA legend has racked up over the years.

Bulky But Beautiful

Shaq's hummer sits in a painted parking garage.
DUB Magazine/Facebook
DUB Magazine/Facebook

When it comes to bulky but luxurious cars, few can top a Hummer. Shaquille O’Neal is both a lover of cars and of living the life of luxury, so it’s no surprise he owns a Hummer H2S. His choice of a deep burgundy color only adds to the mysterious and classy feel of the car.

Shaq loves Superman, which is why the rims are cut into the shape of the Superman logo. The shiny, silver rims really pop against the dark vehicle.

The Flashiest Truck Around

Shaq wear's a confident expression while standing outside in front of his truck.
Jim Cruz/Pinterest
Jim Cruz/Pinterest

You know that Shaq loves this truck based on the expression on his face alone. It’s as though he’s saying, “That’s right. Check me out.” This golden beauty he’s so proud of is a Ford F-150.

According to Daily Mail, the F series trucks have been the best-selling pickups for decades. However, Shaq was sure to make his standout in the crowd by adding metallic gold paint and by lifting the body significantly. This truck certainly matches Shaq in terms of being hard to miss.

Not A Bike, A Trike

Shaq puts his arm around a mechanic while posing near his trike.
King Yella/Youtube
King Yella/Youtube

When you have more money than one person could spend, you may as well buy everything custom. That’s why Shaq hired Underground Garage to produce his very own custom Chopper Trike.

Someone as large and heavy as Shaq would be a bit safer on three wheels than two. Plus, just look at the size of that thing. If he laid on the ground, the three-wheeler might actually be as long as the 7’1″ legendary basketball player.

A Little Something For The Great Outdoors

A matte-black Jeep is parked outside.
Stickalz llc/Pinterest
Stickalz llc/Pinterest

Where many people have to consider all of their activities when buying a car, Shaq has the luxury of owning a different car for any number of activities. For the outdoorsy trips, he has a Jeep Wrangler.

The Wrangler was also designed to be a more comfortable ride, which is important when you’re a large individual. You also may have noticed that something looks different about this vehicle. That’s because there are two extra-large doors instead of four.

You Can’t Miss This One

Shaq poses near his red Cadillac Escalade.

Between being seven-feet-tall and being a celebrity, Shaquille O’Neal is probably used to being a standout. That might be why he went with an eye-catching cherry red paint color for his Cadillac Escalade.

The ride wouldn’t be complete without Shaq’s trademark Superman logo. He had the front grill customized so that the logo sits right at the front of the car. Despite being tall, he likes the looks of lowered cars and had the height adjusted as well as the tires to hold the weight.

Keep An Eye Out For This Sports Car

A Ferrari license plate reads
King Yella/Youtube
King Yella/Youtube

It’s not uncommon to dream of having a sports car. Even the least enthusiastic drivers get a thrill at the thought of racing around in a Ferrari. For a wealthy athlete like Shaq, he’s going to pick the best of the best.

That’s why he went with an Extended Ferrari 355 Spider. This model was built to improve the performance of other Ferraris. Obviously, a large man, like Shaq, may have some trouble squeezing into a sports car, so he adjusted the vehicle and removed the top.

Watch Out For This Slingshot

Shaq poses in his Polaris Slingshot.

Though this Polaris Slingshot is considered a 4-Seater, we’re not so sure more than one person could comfortably fit in the slender vehicle with Shaq driving. Then again, when you have the car budget that he does, you can afford to be a little unrealistic.

Speaking of unrealistic, this car doesn’t offer airbags! That’s why riders have to wear motorcycle helmets in certain dominions, according to The Drive. With a showy car like that, we’re fairly confident it’s only ever taken on a trip around the block anyways.

That’s More Like It

Shaq sits in a super-sized polaris slingshot.
West Coast Customs/Youtube
West Coast Customs/Youtube

The 4-Seater Polaris Slingshot was clearly not enough for a man of Shaq’s stature. But when you have friends in high places, you don’t have to worry about missing out on something for long.

This Super-Sized Polaris Slingshot with the Superman logo on the seats was obviously made with Shaq in mind. The grill makes the car look like a transformer while the wheels are clearly made to hold some weight. Now Shaq can feel like this machine was made for him.

A Legendary Brand For A Legendary Player

Shaq towers over his Cadillac.

Something about the Cadillac DTS screams luxury. While it’s not as flashy as some of Shaq’s other cars, we imagine this would be his pick when he’s headed to a business meeting.

Similar to his hummer, this car is painted deep burgundy which adds to its sleek and classic aesthetic. This beauty comes with a variety of options that we’d bet Shaq had to agree to, including chrome wheels, Magnetic Ride Control, and a heated steering wheel.

A Big Van For A Big Man

A large, gray van is parked in front of a house.
Horace Gillison/Pinterest
Horace Gillison/Pinterest

Every van is a minivan when you’re Shaq, so it’s no surprise that he went with this customized Chevrolet G1500 to ensure he would fit comfortably with several other riders.

When it came to customizing this car, he didn’t have to worry about adjusting it so he could fit. Instead, he went with quilted Louis Vuitton leather seats so his entire family could ride comfortably. He also opted for custom rims so people walking by know that this is no ordinary van.

Nothing Can Dodge This Dodge

A Dodge Challeger is lit up at night.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one powerful muscle car, perfect for a strong athlete like Shaquill O’Neil. With 707 horsepower thanks to it’s 6.2 L HEMI V-8 engine, this vehicle can fly down the streets and whip around corners, even with a large athlete in the car.

Any car named “Challenger” is a good pick for one of the ultimate competitors in basketball. Shaquill O’Neil is not a force to be reckoned with, and neither is this car.

A Toy Car Or A Reverse Trike?

Shaq sits in a Vanderhall trike.
King Yella/Youtube
King Yella/Youtube

At first glance, it may look like Shaq is sitting in a really expensive adult toy car. However, if you ask, that Vanderhall Venice 3 Wheel Roadster is actually a reverse trike.

You can’t see in this photograph, but there’s only one wheel behind Shaq. Another surprise is that it isn’t obscenely priced, ringing in somewhere between $30 and $50k depending on the model. The lightweight vehicle is fun to drive, but not realistic for more than play.

The Police Force Just Got A Lot Cooler

Shaq points to a man with a police badge while standing in front of his Dodge.

In case you’re wondering why Shaquille O’Neal is pointed to a man wearing a police badge, that’s because Shaq is now a sheriff’s deputy in Georgia. Naturally, he needed a police car, but the NBA legend wasn’t going to settle for just any old cruiser.

The Clayton County Police Department offered Shaq this Dodge Charger Hellcat Police Special to drive in. Driving around in one of his incredible cars is one thing, but doing so while working for the police force is quite another.

A Staple Vehicle In The Collection

A black Range Rover has Shaq's signature Superman logo on the grill.
Polo’s Auto Body/Facebook
Polo’s Auto Body/Facebook

Similar to the red Cadillac Escalade we saw earlier on, this black Range Rover sports the Superman logo Shaq loves so much on the car’s grill. Everything else about the car looks relatively normal, except one other thing.

If you look closely, you can tell that the windows have been tinted. However, they aren’t just slightly tinted; they’re completely blacked out like a limousine, even in the driver’s and passenger’s sides. That all-sleek and shiny look makes this the classiest Range Rover yet.

Meet Big Hoffa

Shaq's tour bus is parked in the grass.

You know you’re a star when you have a tour bus with your face on it. Shaq even named his beloved, customized tour bus “Big Hoffa” for reference. And he couldn’t forget that super-sized Superman logo.

Big Hoffa here may be huge, but it’s important to remember that the discomfort of being cramped while traveling for a long time is exemplified when you’re Shaq’s size. Plus, all of that room allows for a larger canvas for Shaq to plaster his image across.

The Most Luxurious Van Around

Shaq puts an arm around a mechanic in front of his Mercedes van.
Shaquille O’Neal/Facebook
Shaquille O’Neal/Facebook

Since a tour bus can be a little ostentatious, Shaq also has this beautiful van to transport himself and a large group of others. However, this isn’t a typical car. It’s a customized Sprinter Mercedes Van, which means it’s about as luxurious as a van can be.

The amenities of this vehicle you would expect in a house rather than a van. It has white, quilted seats, hardwood floors, a flat-screen television, and an iPad.

A Stylish Mercedes Benz

A white, convertible Mercedes sits outside a building.

This Mercedes Benz S550 has a few features that make it an ideal convertible for someone like Shaq. For one, it has four doors instead of two, which isn’t always the case with convertibles.

Another benefit is that there isn’t a partition between the front and back windows. The extra space makes it easier for Shaquille to get in and out of the vehicle without bumping into anything. He also modified the side vents and the tire rims for an extra touch of style.

Come With Me If You Want To Drive

A parked F-650 is covereded in flames and terminator faces.

This Ford F-650 was painted with the Terminator in mind. The hood and the rear have images of a robotic face modeled after that popular franchise, and flames along the top half.

Below the doors is a step with more terminator faces and red eyes peeking out. While this hunk of metal may look like a powerful giant, it only gets about 7 miles to the gallon according to autoevolution. Once again, this vehicle is all for show.

Shaq’s Big Diesel

A blue Rolls Royce is parked in a garage.
Jonathan Boykier/Pinterest
Jonathan Boykier/Pinterest

You know you’ve made it when you can get away with sticking a “Big Diesel” license plate on your Rolls Royce. In all fairness, it does have a 6.75 L engine and at half a million dollars, it better be well equipped.

The body of the car is a comfortable fit for a sedan thanks to its boxy shape. The blue color is eye-catching, but not cheesy. The last thing you’d want to do is lower the prestige of such a luxury vehicle.

Shaq’s Biggest Purchase Yet

Three parked Bentleys are photographed from above.

Shaq sat down with Vanity Fair in 2012 and confessed that he’d made a rather abrupt purchase when he was younger that, looking back, he can’t help but disapprove. The NBA player was still with the Lakers when he decided to stop in at a Rolls-Royce dealership.

After seeing Mike Tyson purchase multiple Bentleys, he asked the salesman what the price was for one. When the salesman doubted that Shaq could afford it, the heated celebrity decided to buy three right away out of spite. As Shaq put it, “A million dollars gone in 10 minutes.”

Built For Shaquille

Shaq poses in his garage with his Vaydor.
Shaquille O’Neal/Facebook
Shaquille O’Neal/Facebook

When most people think of buying a car, they don’t imagine having to put it together themselves. Initially, that’s how the Vaydor worked. It was a kit that could be purchased and then added to an existing vehicle.

Later on, the kit was expanding into a ready-to-go vehicle that would cost a whopping $150,000. Super Craft built this one up for Shaq with plenty of leg room. Even though he’s more of a Superman person, it’s worth noting that the same model belonged to the Joker in the film Suicide Squad.

The King Of Speed And Comfort

Shaq poses with a mechanic near his Dodge Challenger.
The G Word/Youtube
The G Word/Youtube

It seems like whenever there isn’t a Superman logo on his car, Shaq is sure to wear one on his t-shirt. That must be why he’s wearing one while posing with one of the workers at Droptop Customs and this convertible Dodge Challenger they customized for Shaq.

Between the suede-leather seats and the V-8 fuel injected powertrain, it’s safe to say this is a nice ride to take out on the town. This is one of Shaq’s cars that lands right on the line where comfort meets fun.

Just The Right Size

A black Ford 650 sits in a dealership lot.

This Ford F-650 is the same model as the Terminator one we saw earlier, but without the outlandish theme. While Shaq normally customizes his vehicles so each one has his own unique spin on it, this one is predominantly true to its origin.

The 6.7L V8 Turbo engine and 725 lb-ft torque make this giant truck worth the six-figure price tag. Despite being a hardly but average-looking truck, the chrome steps and rims add just enough flare for Shaq’s taste.

Even Shaq Can Squeeze Into A Smart Car

Shaq sits in the driver's seat of a smartcar while pulling the door closed.
Adam’s Apple/Youtube
Adam’s Apple/Youtube

Between all of his gas-guzzling trucks, vans, and SUVs, Shaq had to balance out his CO2 emissions somehow. Unfortunately, smart cars and large athletes aren’t always the best mix.

Good on Shaquille for making the effort to squeeze into this Mercedes smart car, anyways. The photograph was captured in New York City, which is so packed that most people opt to avoid driving altogether. If you’re going to sacrifice space, it’s going to be in one of the most compact cities out there.

How Low Can Your Lambo Go?

Shaq towers over his Lambo.

This stretched Lamborghini Gallardo barely comes up to Shaq’s hips. It certainly shows off his love of lowered cars, being that the body of the car is nearly touching the street. You wouldn’t want to fly over a speed bump in this car, that’s for sure.

Shaq must have to squat down to the floor just to shimmy into this vehicle. However, there appears to be plenty of room lengthwise for his long legs, and the sleek design is great for speed.

Where Class Meets Function

Shaq poses next to a Buick while filming a commercial.
Roger’s Automotive/Youtube
Roger’s Automotive/Youtube

The Buick Lacrosse was built to be a smooth ride with ample control. It also is rather roomy for being so sleek. These may be a couple of the reasons why Shaq has endorsed the brand.

While some of the cars in his collection make him seem like a kid trying out a new toy, when Shaq appears in Buick commercials he always looks business official. The athlete did get an MBA in Business to break stereotypes, and his Buick Lacrosse may have helped break a few more.

The First Of Many

A Ford Bronco II sits in a driveway.
Derek vanStraalen/Pinterest
Derek vanStraalen/Pinterest

All collections must start somewhere. As for Shaq’s mound of impressive vehicles, it all began with a Ford Bronco II. The advantage of this car was pretty much limited to its spacious build.

The car was discontinued after years of poor performance reviews by critics. While it seems odd that the great Shaquille O’Neal would own a car that had poor sales, this was long before he became a star. It goes to show that everyone had to start somewhere.

His Grown-Up Ford

A white Lincoln Navigator sits in a display room.
Lincoln Navigator/Youtube
Lincoln Navigator/Youtube

Considering the fact that Shaq started out with a Ford SUV, it seems only fitting that he would end up also owning a Lincoln Navigator. The model is the luxury counterpart to Ford’s Expedition, which was the successor of the Ford Bronco.

Despite all of his luxury cars over the years, there’s something symbolic about returning to the twice-upgraded version of the car he had as a kid. Now he can modify it and truly make it his own.

A Car Can Only Do So Much

Shaq wears a thinking face while posing in front of his yacht.
The Fumble/Youtube
The Fumble/Youtube

All of the cars in the world wouldn’t be enough to explore the ocean. That’s why Shaq had to get a yacht. TMZ captured a few photos of Shaq and friends leaping off the yacht near the coast of Spain.

When he first made the purchase, he took to Facebook to ask for name suggestions. Few responders took the task seriously, so he was met with some sarcasm and jokes. Kudos to the celebrity athlete for at least keeping the fans in mind.

Time For An Upgrade

A red Cadillac Escalade reveals butterfly doors.

In case you’re wondering, no, you’re not experiencing deja vu. We had previously show you a car that looks just about identical to this one. The difference? This one is a newer version of the Cadillac Escalade from earlier.

In addition to having a massive amount of cars, most of which he has taken care to deck out, Shaq also enjoys the occasional upgrade. It may seem redundant to get a newer version of the same car, but to someone as wealthy as Shaq it’s comparable to getting an upgraded phone.