Life In The Fast Lane: The Drivers Behind The Wheels Of Formula One Racing

Athletes | 10/12/20

Racing is one of those niche sports that has a huge community backing it, especially when it comes to Formula One. This is the highest class of single-seat racing and is considered to be one of the premier forms of racing in the entire world, with 20 drivers in ten teams.

From race tracks to public roads, the sport is full of adrenaline as the F1 drivers’ race to win the Grand Prix, the series of races they compete in throughout the season. Without further ado, it’s time to meet the need-for-speed drivers who make up the ten Formula One teams.

Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
Clive Mason/Getty Images
Clive Mason/Getty Images

The title “Still I Rise,” a famous Maya Angelou poem, is displayed across the back of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet. Those words couldn’t be more fitting. Since his stunning rookie debut in 2007, arguably the greatest in history, Hamilton has risen to the top of many F1 standings, including the most championship titles for a British driver, six.

He might be young, but Hamilton’s competitors know that no matter the track, the conditions, or the odds, when his visor goes down, it’s game time. Hamilton’s been driving F1 for Mercedes since 2013.