The Most Competitive Drivers in NASCAR History

Athletes | 2/22/19

NASCAR doesn’t involve physical bodies, but rather cars. When you think of “dirty players,” people like Draymond Green and maybe Ndamukong Suh come to mind because they impose their will on opponents like bullies on the schoolyard. What about the ultra-competitive NASCAR racers? Are they out there flipping cars on purpose? Do they rear-end other vehicles to throw off that driver’s momentum? When it comes to racing, you must be competitive to win. Here are the drivers that dance the fine line between dirty and competitive.

Tony Stewart Isn’t Afraid

Tony Stewart
Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Since Tony Stewart became a co-owner of the four-car Stewart-Haas Racing operation, he’s quieted down a bit, but he still manages to tiptoe that line of competitive and dirty. Who can forget when he spun Jeff Gordon on pit road after Gordon did a bump and run on him?

Stewart isn’t afraid to retaliate when something gets done to him. Stewart once had a warning out against drivers that he would dump them if they blocked him. We don’t know if that still stands, but we wouldn’t try Stewart.