Where Are They Now? The Best Athletes From 2010

Athletes | 12/16/19

The legacy of our favorite sports superstars lives on long after their careers are over. Of course, not everyone who wins a Super Bowl or a World Series is remembered as fondly as those bound for the Hall of Fame. For every Aaron Rodgers or Madison Bumgarner, there’s 2010’s Brandon Lloyd or Billy Butler. These players had breakout years, but never found the sustained success of their incredible counterparts. Have you ever wondered what happened to these former stars? We dug up the answers and this is what we found!

Brandon Lloyd Broke Into Hollywood

brandon lloyd where is he now
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Brandon Lloyd is best known for his 2010 NFL season as a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. He became a break-out star that year, leading the league in receiving with 1,448 yards. Just as quickly as his career took off, however, it landed with a thud.

Lloyd played his last game in 2014 as a 49ers, one year after making a short appearance in his first film. The movie, After Effect, starred Daniel Baldwin and was released directly to DVD. Lloyd has also pursued a career in rap and had one song featured in the video game NBA Ballers 2.