Women Bikers Who Will Leave You And Your Entire Crew In The Dust

Athletes | 4/28/21

Whether they’re on a mountain bike bombing downhill or burning pavement on a road bike, these women are all in. Professional mountain bikers like Casey Brown and Tahnée Seagrave are guaranteed to leave weekend warriors far behind, while other women like Andrea Leon can’t wait to get on their bikes and train for triathlons. Not only that, but these women are all about health and fitness and having fun.

Kate Courtney Was Born At The Birthplace Of Mountain Biking

Kate Courtney was made for this– the California girl was born and raised just north of San Francisco and grew up cycling with her dad and competing for her high school team. By the time she went to college (Stanford, nonetheless) Kate was signed on with Specialized Bicycles.

2019 was a stellar year for Kate, as she became the first American in 17 years to win the Overall UCI MTB World Cup Title. You can watch her compete for USA at the Tokyo Olympics.

Patricia Ferreira Baixo

Paty Ferreirab works as a cosmetologist and an esthetician, but when she’s not at work you can often find her riding her bike! Living her best life in Brazil, Paty’s mountain bike takes her down beautiful trails that lead to waterfalls, the ocean, and everything in between.

Her bright smile, style, and love of life seem to be able to lighten up even the worst of days. But she doesn’t seem to have any of those!

Liisa Kiddo Keeps It Real In the UK

Liisa Kiddo’s life is all about bikes and her dog, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Hailing from London, Liisa can be found riding around the city and exploring paths along the waterfront. She’s a true urban babe, with the street style to prove it.

Rain or shine (let’s be honest, London’s weather isn’t the greatest) she’s out there riding her bike and making the rest of us look incredibly lazy.

Jolanda Neff

A professional mountain biker hailing from Switzerland, Jolana Neff goes full speed as often as possible. That fierce attitude also led her to crash while training in Pisgah, North Carolina. But that doesn’t mean Jolana will be hanging up her bike. Far from it.

With her eyes still set on competing in the Olympics, Jolana is training to make a comeback of a lifetime in her beloved sport of mountain biking.

Andrea Leon Takes On Triathlons

Say “hola” to Andrea Leon of Mexico. Andrea lives life to the fullest and loves cycling. She’s not just a casual rider though, she puts in full effort to get in top shape for her triathlons! If you scope out her Instagram you’ll see all of the hardware that she’s collected from her competitions.

No matter how hard she’s pushing herself on her bike, however, she always has a smile on her face.

You Can Find Mary Crystina Biking Around Brazil

Biking in Brazil doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend an afternoon. Mary Crystina gets on her bike whenever she can, whether she’s riding with friends or going solo. She also shares her experience with readers on her blog, hoping to inspire others to go for it!

Health and fitness are also important to Mary, so you can expect to find her in the gym when she’s not on a trail.

Olivia Plunkett Is An Engineer

Olivia Plunkett is an engineer by trade and a committed mountain biker in her free time. She loves racing but doesn’t take it too seriously– it’s all about fun for Olivia. She lives in the UK where it can be cold, especially under the trees near the water, but that doesn’t deter her from going out and giving it a go.

She has a light-hearted attitude and shares candid posts on Instagram about her challenges and victories along the way.

Dani Olafson Does It All

This photo might be the only moment that you’ll catch Dani Olafs laying back– this woman is all about action. Sponsored by Red Bull, Dani is a thrill-seeker, jumping from the bike to the pool to jiu-jitsu. And while she’s all about strength training and fitness, she won’t shy away from a box of donuts!

One thing is for sure, you won’t want to challenge Dani to a race on her bike! (Hint: You’ll lose.)

Tatiana Augirardi Treks Columbia

Hailing from Columbia, Tatiana Ugirardi is passionate about fitness, especially biking! Tatiana tackles big hills and long trails for the reward of ocean and mountain views and a dip in the water to cool off.

When she’s not cycling, she also likes to ride her motorcycle! With all of the strength training that she does on the side, there’s no chance that you’ll be able to keep up with Tatiana on the trail.

Marli Tomaz Bikes Beautiful Casada

Marli Tomaz is an active lady who loves the outdoors. Her Instagram is full of hiking and biking pics, along with paddle boarding, waterfall chasing, and mud races, too! She’s definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty, in fact, she loves it.

While she’s into a little bit of everything, cycling takes the cake with Marli. There’s something about the freedom of riding to hard-to-reach destinations with incredible views that never gets old.

Casey Brown in BC

Casey Brown has an impressive list of sponsors– that’s because she earned it! Based in British Columbia, Canada, Casey initially grew up in New Zealand. Her brother Sam also competes as a pro rider, which eventually led Casey to pay more attention to her bike than competing in skiing and snowboarding (yes, she’s quite athletic).

She made a name for herself in 2011 when she finished second at the Canadian Championships and Casey hasn’t slowed down since.

Tahnée Seagrave Rides for Fox Racing

Tahnée Seagrave came onto the pro mountain biking scene in 2013, competing in the challenging sport of downhill racing. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Tahnée proved that she can compete with the best when she made it into the top 10 at 18 years old.

Today she has a stack of sponsors, include Fox Racing, Red Bull, and Canyon Bicycles. An ankle injury in 2020 has Tahnée focused on regaining her strength to compete in the World Cup again.

Six-Time World Champion Rachel Atherton

The champ is here! British mountain biker Rachel Atherton has an incredible six world championships to her name, with 39 world cup wins. Rachel eats, sleeps and breathes mountain biking– she even started her own company, Atherton Bikes, with her brother Gee.

Sponsored by Red Bull, Rachel has pursued her passion for mountain biking since 2007 and stands as one of the most winning women in the sport. Every time an illness or injury knocks her down, she just bounces back stronger than before.

Kialani Hines Went From BMX To MTB

Hailing from the Pacific North West, Kialani Hines started off racing BMX when she was younger. But when she hit 18, Hines jumped on a mountain bike and hasn’t looked back, saying “I just needed something new.”

Kialani took a liking to downhill and slalom riding, and has been focused on racing and winning events under her sponsor Crankworx. One day, she hopes that she will be invited to compete in the Olympics.

Micayla Gatto Loves Mountain Biking And Art

Micayla Gatto loves mountain biking and art– and is incredibly talented at both. She told Red Bull that she “thought she had to choose” between the two. But in realizing that she can be both a rider and an artist, the entire world opened up to Micayla.

Today she’s sponsored by Red Bull and can almost always be found riding a track or getting inspired in the wilderness. Micayla isn’t afraid to get a little dirty either– she’ll build her own jumps!

Give Jill Kintner A Bike And She’s Good

One of the most medaled female riders in the world, Jill Kintner is a force to be reckoned with on two wheels. Hailing from Seattle, Jill has competed in six different cycling disciplines, going pro when she was just 14 years old.

She has a bronze Olympic medal in BMX and World Championship titles in mountain biking. She has stood on the podium in slalom and downhill, too. Is there anything she can’t do? We doubt it.

Vaea Verbeeck

Canadian Vaea Verbeeck is fearless. This lady hits jumps with massive speed without hesitation. She built her own pump track in her backyard above a beautiful lake in Canada so that she’ll always have something to ride nearby.

You can also find her zipping down the hill and wrapping around berms in the forest. Vaea isn’t afraid to charge it day after day, mountain biking is her true passion in life.

Miss Brooklyn Bell

Mountain biking isn’t Brooklyn Bell’s only interest, but she sure is good at it! Hailing from the Pacific North West, Brooklyn enjoys traveling to different terrain and taking on new challenges. She’s full of smiles and is quite the artist.

While she spends as much time as possible on her bike, Brooklyn is also a professional artist and illustrator. One of her favorite things is combining her passions and talents. Who doesn’t?

Maiara Piress Is Always Down To Ride

Taking a quick look at Maiara Piress’s Instagram, this lady loves to bike. She shares photos of herself biking in exotic locations, surrounded by lush plants, waterfalls, and red dirt roads. Maiara’s bike helped bring out her adventurous side, as she’s always on the go, on two wheels.

A special aspect of biking is getting to see incredible places that can’t be accessed by car, of course, while having fun and getting some solid exercise in, too.

Chile Is An Incredible Country For Biking, Just Ask Leslie Rosal

If Chile isn’t on your bucket list for biking, maybe it should be! Located between the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains, the terrain is incredible and the views are captivating. Biking along the trails can lead you to waterfalls, jungle, and snowcapped mountains.

Bikers like Leslie Rosal soak it all in, going the distance to reap the rewards. Beach or mountains, hot or cold, Leslie is here for it all!