Alex Rodriguez Says MLB Suspension Was ‘One Of The Best Things That Happened’ To Him

Baseball | 10/15/19

Alex Rodriguez has recently opened up about his suspension from the MLB in 2014. The former New York Yankees player called it "one of the best things that happened" to him during a panel talk at the Inc. 5000 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rodriquez was suspended for the entire 2014 MLB season for performance-enhancing drugs, making it the longest suspension in MLB history. He was originally suspended for 211 games but appealed.

"I had to make a paradigm shift. I really had to understand why I would self-implode with no reasons," said Rodriguez. "The year 2014 became the most pivotal year of my life. Some very, very long nights, some very lonely nights. Looking in the mirror. Having to answer some tough questions. Then, the most important thing is taking full accountability for my mistakes."

During the Biogenesis scandal, a total of 13 players were suspended. It originated from a Miami New Times report on a wellness clinic in Coral Gables, Florida.

"The suspension cost me probably north of $45 million, probably more. It was worth every penny," said Rodriguez. "That exercise was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do in my lifeā€¦ to let people down, and then look them in the eye, or make that phone call, and say I'm sorry."

Rodriguez, who retired from baseball in 2016, seems to be doing okay to us since all the scandal. He's now engaged to Jennifer Lopez so we think everything worked out just fine for the guy.