The Best And Worst MLB Stadiums To Eat A Hot Dog And Watch A Game

Baseball | 10/25/19

One thing all professional sports have in common is having stadiums that keep their fans coming back to every home game. Baseball franchises especially have to make sure their ballparks are up to par due to the extended amount of time people sit there to enjoy the games. Sadly, not every venue is modern enough to keep fans coming back. These are the stadiums that fans love and hate the most. It might make you want to catch a game or two. Or not.

Minute Maid Park – Houston Astros

houston astros

Minute Maid Parks has all the makings for an exciting park. At this location, you have a retractable roof, and a real train the runs every time the home teams cranks out a homer.

There used to be Tal’s Hill in the center, but they got rid of that because it was dangerous for outfielders. There are buildings close to the outside of the stadium too, so it’s a cozy experience that makes you feel like you’re in the heart of downtown.