Chicago Cubs Fire Manager Joe Maddon

Baseball | 9/30/19

The Chicago Cubs have fired manager Joe Maddon. The move comes after a major slump in September that caused the team to miss the playoffs. The news has been confirmed by Cubs president Theo Epstein.

"We both agreed that it's time and this type of change is a win-win. There's gonna be a bidding war for his services and there should be and he's in a great position," Epstein told NBC Sports Chicago.

Maddon released his own statement thanking the organization.

"It's a great day, actually, because, like Theo said, I agree. You've heard me talk about it in the past -- change is good. Change can be very good for everybody involved. I'm eternally grateful," said Maddon.

Maddon took over the Cubs in 2015 after leaving the same position in Tampa Bay. He was the manager that led the Cubs to their victory in the World Series in 2016. The championship was the organization's first since 1908. Throughout his five seasons with the team, he amassed a regular-season record of 471-340.