Is It Panic Button Time For The Cubs?

Baseball | 7/9/21
Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Dodgers
Michael Owens/Getty Images
Michael Owens/Getty Images

Are the Chicago Cubs in trouble? After a hot start to the season that made the team look like trade deadline buyers, they've fallen off a cliff. A long losing streak has seemingly tanked the team, pushing their record under .500 and burying them in the NL Central.

With a bleak outlook for the second half of the season, is it time for the team to finally trade away its 2016 World Series Championship core and rebuild?

Kris Bryant was having an excellent season before a hamstring injury sidelined him. A healthy version of the Chicago infielder could draw a hefty return. The same can't be said for Anthony Rizzo, who is 31 and having a down year.

Still, Rizzo could help a contender and a change of scenery might be best for him. The bottom line is, the Cubs have put off a rebuild for two years now despite getting average on-field results. It might not be time to hit the panic button yet, but it might be time to address the bigger picture for the team - its future.