MLB Just Broke Yet Another Single-Season Record

Baseball | 9/25/19

Looks like year after year the MLB is improving and breaking records. The MLB just set the single-season strikeout record for the 12th straight year.

There have been 41,208 strikeouts during the 2019 season, which breaks the record set in 2018.

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Willy Adames was struck out by New York Yankees pitcher Stephen Tarpley to set the new record.

The 12-year streak began back in 2008 when that year broke the previous record of 32,404 set in 2001.

This season there have been 22 pitchers with 200 strikeouts or more, which is the most since 1990.

It's not just the pitchers breaking records this year. The organization has also set a new single-season record for home runs. As of September 24th, 6,550 home runs had been hit, which breaks the previous record of 6,105 set in 2017.