The 2019 MLB Season Has Some Crazy Stats

Baseball | 9/12/19

There have been some incredible stats come out of the 219,000 games of Major League Baseball played in 2019.

With the 2019 regular season heading into its final weeks, officially finishing on September 29th, here's a look at some of the crazy numbers and records that were broken this year.

The Houston Astros pitchers have struck out 1,410 batters this season, the most in the league. They have yet to issue an intentional walk this season. If they continue this way, they'll be the first team who has ever gone an entire season without issuing one since MLB began recording the stat in 1955.

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels leads the MLB with a 182 OPS+, player's on-base plus slugging percentage. Trout is seeking to lead the American League in OPS+ for the fifth season in a row and all of MLB for a fourth straight year.

The MLB save percentage is at its third-lowest of all time, 63.01%.

Cincinnati Reds rookie manager David Bell has been ejected from games eight times this season. That's the most of any rookie manager since 1956.

Los Angeles Dodgers player Cody Bellinger leads the MLB with 44 home runs this season. What's even wilder is that all 44 of them are with different pitchers.

There are still a few weeks left for MLB players to rack up even more insane numbers.