The Braves Gave Ozzie Albies A Ludicrous Extension

Baseball | 4/11/19
ozzie albies
Logan Riely/Getty Images
Logan Riely/Getty Images

Ozzie Albies, what are you doing? On April 11, 2019 it was announced that the Atlanta Braves had signed 22-year-old all-star Ozzie Albies to a $35 million contract extension that would carry him through his age 30 season. That’s just… not okay.

If Albies had waited a few more year and earned a few more all-star nods, he likely would have cashed in on a much heftier contract. Instead, he has hamstrung himself until his third decade of life. You do know what happens to MLB stars when they hit 30-years-old, right?

The game tells them they’re washed up.

Essentially, Albies did something great for the Atlanta Braves, and incredible for the fanbase without thinking about himself. For comparison’s sake, Scooter Gennett, the second baseman for the Reds is in his third year of arbitration eligibility and earning twice what Albies is.

If Albies had entered arbitration, we’re confident the numbers would have be in his favor. Now we’ll never know.

Of course, this isn’t the first time in history a player has undervalued themselves before signing a contract extension. In 2012, Giants ace Madison Bumgarner signed a six-year contract extension worth $35 million. This offseason, he’ll enter the free agent market at 30-years-old, and probably won’t get close to what he could have made just a few years ago.