The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball That Are Impossible To Follow

Baseball | 5/7/19

The unwritten rules of baseball is like an unspoken code in the MLB that almost all players and managers have to follow. Almost all of the rules revolve around respect and gamesmanship to both your opponents and your teammates.

Violating some of these unwritten rules will result in getting plunked by a 95 mph fastball your next at-bat, or even a bench-clearing brawl. From not bunting to break up someone’s no-hitter, to not rubbing the spot you got hit by a pitch — it’s a world of unregulated regulation for baseball players.

Don’t Mention A No-Hitter

Don't Talk About The No Hitter
David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If a no-hitter is in progress, you do not talk about it. This even goes for broadcasters who are calling the game. Baseball is an incredibly superstitious sport and mentioning a pitcher’s no-hitter is said to jinx it.

This rule seems ridiculous, but it’s followed probably more than any other rule that you’ll see on this list in the MLB. It’s very interesting to listen to baseball games get called in the late innings when a pitcher has a no-hitter and the broadcasters have to avoid the elephant in the room with all their will.