Tim Tebow Just Hit His First Home Run Of The Season

Baseball | 5/20/19
tim tebow
Rich Schultz/Getty Images
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

It took 105 at-bats this MiLB season for Tim Tebow to hit his first home run, but he did it. He finally did it. The long bomb comes after a challenging start to the season that saw the former NFL hopeful hit .157 with 11 runs batted in.

When he entered the dugout for the Syracuse Mets, Tebow was given the silent treatment for several moments. Once the joke ran its course, his teammates began to celebrate with him. A weight was lifted off his shoulders, and now maybe he can get "hot" and work his way up to AAA, and possibly even MLB.

For now, expectations should be tempered. Tebow has never shown the same explosive athleticism in MiLB that he did in the NFL, and he's 31-years-old, so his skills are more likely to diminish statistically then grow.

Tebow doesn't see his age as a problem though, "I think I'm improving. I'm working, developing. I think I'm getting better, adapting to some really good players, and I think that's important.''

His manager, Tony DeFrancesco, echoed the same sentiment, "There's been numerous players that have two, three years of Triple-A. Just look at my baseball card. I've got three or four at Triple-A. It's not that easy, and I played my whole life. So give the kid some time and some credit. It's definitely a work in progress.''