Bold Predictions For The 2019-20 NBA Season

Basketball | 9/25/19

The 2019 NBA offseason was more active than almost any other free agency period in recent memory. Not only did a number of talented players find new teams via free agency, there were a number of blockbuster trades.

Teams like the Warriors and Raptors were weakened while teams like the Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans became much stronger. The wild turnover in the league should make for a wildly fun 2019-20 season. Here are a number of bold predictions about the coming year.

Kristaps Porzingis Plays In Less Than 40 Games

kristaps porzyngis nba bold predictions
James Devaney/Getty Images
James Devaney/Getty Images

Despite missing all of last season with an ACL injury, Porzingis was still traded from the Knicks to the Mavericks in a blockbuster deal. Dallas hoped to create the next NBA super team by pairing Porzingis with Luca Doncic.

The Mavericks may be in for more hardship than they expect. In addition to the knee injury, the 7-3 superstar has had a litany of injuries over the course of his NBA career. Porzingis has to prove he can get through a healthy season before the Mavs can count on him.