College Basketball Coaches Who Never Should Have Been Hired

Basketball | 11/25/19

It’s not the NBA, but it’s a long way from high school. College basketball is the in-between stage where you can get the job done, or you can’t. There is hardly ever any middle ground. That being the case, it can be tough to rally the troops for victory, especially if you have a mediocre coach. Some coaches can alleviate the pain of having a sub-par team thanks to their talents, but this article isn’t about that breed of winners. You’re on your way to discovering who the worst head coaches in men’s college basketball history have been over the years. We apologize if we revisit some sensitive times for you…

Going 28-69 In Your Conference Won’t Cut It

oregon state coach
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Jay John was the coach of Oregon State from 2002-2008. While it is a tough school to coach due to the lack of strong recruiting classes, going 28-69 in the conference during your tenure won’t cut it.

John had an overall record of 72-97, which is below the .500 mark as well. He might’ve led the Beavers to their first postseason appearance in 15 years during the 2005 season, but it wouldn’t be enough to prove he was a worthy coach for them. A 6-25 season speaks for itself.