The NBA’s Greatest Player List Might Inspire Debate Among Some Fans

Basketball | 10/9/19

Who are the greatest players ever to play in the NBA, past and present? Naturally, names like Tim Duncan, Charles Barkley, and Stephen Curry instantly come to mind. With so many talented athletes having graced the hardwood, it’s tough to decide who’s the cream of the crop. Some names are bound to rise to the top, though. Here’s our list of the top NBA players of all time (in no particular order). Do you agree with these picks?

Kevin Garnett

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Few in NBA history could compete with the sheer talent and hustle of Kevin Garnett. The power forward was a freak of nature that put fear in the hearts of defenders every time he stepped out to the court. Garnett led the NBA in rebounding with 12.4 between ’99 and 2008.

The big guy is also first all-time in career defensive rebounds, which lets you know you shouldn’t have tried to grab one when he was on the floor. Garnett could also score the ball too. He’s 17th all-time in career points.