The Greatest NBA Small Forwards Of All Time

Basketball | 10/23/19

The position of small forward is one of glamour in the NBA. The three is often one of the team’s tops scorers and is also expected to do a fair bit of ball-handling and rebounding. On the flip side, defense is also important as small forwards need to cover the opposite wing.

Most NBA Championship teams feature a high-scoring small forward. And the very best wings have won multiple world championships. Here is a list of the greatest small forwards of all time.

Marques Johnson

Marques Johnson at the podium
Dylan Buell/Getty Images
Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Marques Johnson, raised in South Los Angeles, first became known while playing for UCLA. He was a key part of the last Bruins team to win a title under legendary coach John Wooden and was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1977 draft.

The small forward made his first all-star game in 1979, the first of five appearances. The sharpshooter averaged 20 points and 7 rebounds per game over his career. A terrible neck injury in 1986 shortened Johnson’s fine career.