Injuries Drowned The Warriors In Game Three

Basketball | 6/6/19
warriors raptors game three
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Game three of the NBA Finals ended with the Toronto Raptors claiming a 123-109 victory over the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. The win helped the Raptors regain home-court advantage in the Finals, although the overwhelming storyline remains the poor health of the Warriors.

On a night without Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson in the lineup, and Kevon Looney (who has been a postseason revelation) unable to suit up, the Warriors looked flat. Stephen Curry was tasked with carrying the team, which he did to the tune of 47 points. The only problem was he couldn’t carry the load alone.

Early in the game and desperate to find any other player with a hot hand, the Warriors gave the ball to Draymond Green for a three at the top of the arc. He air-balled it, setting the tone for the night.

To their credit, the Raptors strangled Golden State on defense, made a number of contested three-pointers, and controlled the offensive paint. They knew they were the better team on Wednesday night, and they weren’t afraid to show it. With another game in Oakland on Friday night, the Raptors can take a three-to-one series advantage, which seems more and more likely the fewer players Golden State can push out on the court.