These NBA Stars Are The Biggest Flight Risks For Their Teams In The 2020 Offseason

Basketball | 3/16/20

The 2019 offseason was quite a memorable one for the NBA. An unprecedented number of stars were available in free agency and their movement changed the face of the league. Star players like Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Anthony Davis were all traded.

The 2020 offseason could offer just as much drama. Teams going to want to hold on to their top players. With lots of money to be spent and not enough good players to go around, it could get very competitive. Here are a number of the NBA’s top flight risks.

Brooklyn Nets: Joe Harris

Steven Ryan/Getty Images
Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Joe Harris, drafted into the league by the Cavaliers in 2014, signed a deal with the Nets in 2016. While he has always been a terrific shooter, the shooting guard’s game evolved in Brooklyn and he became a more complete player.

Shooting is Harris’ calling card and that’s a skill always high in demand in the NBA. The Nets will certainly want to bring the wing back into the fold, but competition will be heavy. Expect Harris to sign a high dollar deal with someone this summer.