These NBA Stars Said “No” To College And Made Their Basketball Dreams Come True

Basketball | 8/6/20

In 2005, the NBA approved a collective bargaining agreement that included the now-infamous “one and done rule.” The rule stated that any player declaring for the draft must be one year removed from graduating high school. It was designed to encourage players to go to college for one year and “mature as men” before going pro. Before that, stars like LeBron James were able to move immediately from high school to the NBA. With the future of the “one and done” in limbo, read on to see all the NBA stars that didn’t go to college before joining the big show!

Lou Williams Paid His Dues In The D-League

lou williams clippers
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Lou Williams entered the NBA in 2005, de-committing from the University of Georgia to go pro right away. He was taken with the 45th overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers and failed to make an impact his rookie season.

After being sent to the D-League (now G-League), Williams grew within the system and turned himself into a valuable NBA player. Known as a sure shot today for the Clippers, Williams has continued to play at an all-star level over a decade into his career.