The Per-Game Salaries Of These NBA Stars Are Stunning

Basketball | 11/13/19

At any time during the season, there are only 15 players on an NBA roster. With a smaller amount of players than in other leagues, there is a lot more money to go around. And the players at the top of the heap take in very impressive salaries.

Many of the players on this list got their big deals in the Summer of 2019. That off-season presented an unprecedented amount of cap space along with a number of mega-talented free agents. Below is a list of the biggest earning NBA players per game.

Paul Millsap – $371,951.22

paul millsap per game salary
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Paul Millsap is far from the flashiest player on this list. His contributions to a team are mostly marked by hard-nosed defense, rugged rebounding, and efficient scoring. Fans may not value those skills at $30 million a year but the NBA certainly does.

The Denver Nuggets signed Millsap to his big deal in the summer of 2017 after he had stints with the Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks. The Power Forward is an NBA All-Star team regular and has made the team 4 times.