The Amazing Life Of Magic Johnson

Basketball | 9/9/19

Legends never die. They transcend time thanks to the actions they performed while still breathing. Earvin “Magic” Johnson happens to be living legend. The former NBA point guard has proven for decades that he deserves a statue outside of Staples Center. He’s showcased enough brilliance to warrant any and all praise that comes his way. Since retiring, he has blazed a remarkable trail that would inspire anyone. Read on and experience Magic Johnson’s amazing story first hand.

’92 Olympic Gold Medalist

magic johnson
Icon Sportswire
Icon Sportswire

America needed saving when it came to Olympic sports. In 1988, the U.S. won the bronze medal in a disappointing effort in Seoul. Granted, the team didn’t consist of any true superstars that you would rely on to bring you gold, but they tried.

Fast forward four years and the men came back with Magic Johnson leading the way. Only one year removed from announcing his HIV diagnosis, Johnson had something to prove to the world, but more importantly himself.