The Raptors Got Run Over By The Warriors

Basketball | 6/3/19
NBA Finals game 2
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Game two of the NBA Finals is in the books and two things have become clear. The first is that the Warriors are not healthy. Despite winning the game 109-104 and evening the series, Golden State lost Kevon Looney to a chest contusion and Klay Thompson to a hamstring strain.

It’s hard to believe either of those injuries will keep them off the court for game three, but it does present a problem for the defending champs anyway. Especially with Kevin Durant still sidelined, Andre Iguodala playing through an injury, and DeMarcus Cousins coming back from tearing his quad.

All this brings us to the second “thing.” Even with the Warriors at far less then full strength, they managed to gut out a win because the Raptors let them go on a run. Down five points at halftime, Golden State went nuts and scored 18 unanswered, taking the life out of Jurassic Park and putting the game away. The Warriors are a team built on runs, Toronto let a huge one happen, and it made all the difference.

In game one, the Raptors suffocated Golden State on defense. Every time it looked the Warriors were going to go on a run, it was stopped. In game two, Toronto allowed one run and lost the game because of it. The Raptors ability to prevent or allow Golden State runs looks like it might decide which team will win the NBA Finals. What do you think?