The Best Fits For The NFL’s Loaded 2020 Free Agent Class

Football | 2/13/20

The NFL free agent class of 2020 is stacked with elite players looking for new homes. At no time in the last decade have we seen more starting-caliber QBs hit the market at one time. Combine that with a few top-end wide receivers and teams with enough salary cup space could easily go from duds to Super Bowl studs. So, where exactly will players like Tom Brady, A.J. Green, and Chris Jones end up? These are the teams we think fit them best!

Tom Brady – Tennessee Titans

tom brady nfl free agent
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady is a free agent for what feels like the first time in the 43-year-old quarterback’s career. Most players his age walk off into the sunset. Most players aren’t Brady though. Still playing at an elite level, look for the Patriots signal-caller to go to the team that gives him the best chance to win now.

For us, that leaves him with the Titans and the Patriots. A lot of talk has him connected to the 49ers, but they have over $100 million invested in Jimmy Garropolo. Between the surprising Titans and the offensively talent-starved Patriots, Tommy Terrific should have an easy choice.