The Quick And The Fast: The Best Wide Receivers In NFL History

Football | 6/23/20

The NFL has a rich history of wide receivers who became franchise icons. Jerry Rice helped bring multiple Super Bowl titles to the San Francisco Bay Area, while Steve Largent is one of Seattle’s earliest sports icons. But are these legends the best of the best? While Rice is considered one of the greatest of all-time, Largent’s place in history is less clear. These are the best wide receivers to ever hit the gridiron. Read on to see if Largent, among other franchise staples, made the list!

Reggie Wayne – 14,345 Career Receiving Yards

reggie wayne nfl
Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

One of two iconic Indianapolis Colt wide receivers, Reggie Wayne played his entire career with one franchise. Over the course of 14 seasons, he racked up over 14,000 receiving yards in the regular season.

In the postseason, he was just as dynamic. In 21 playoff games, Wayne caught 93 passes for 1,254 yards while scoring nine touchdowns. He won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning in 2007 and was voted to the Pro Bowl six times.