Brian Gaine Gets The Boot In Houston

Football | 6/9/19
brian gaine
Michael Hickey/Getty Images
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

After 17 months on the job, the Houston Texans have fired Brian Gaine, the team’s now-former general manager. Gaine was originally brought in on a five-year contract and survived a majority of the 2019 offseason, including the initial free agent signing period and the draft.

The decision to cut ties with him now is an interesting one, to say the least. In a statement released to the media, Texans CEO Cal McNair wrote, “After a thorough evaluation of our football operations, we have decided to relieve Brian Gaine of his as general manager. Brian is a man of high character and we appreciate his contribution to our organization.”

While reasons for the move are vague at best, it strikes us as odd that Gaine was let go after an 11-5 season that saw the Texans win the AFC South. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, there was no one incident that led to the firing, either. After evaluating his first 17 months on the job, Houston determined he simply didn’t do well enough.

Gaine came to Houston from Buffalo, where he served as the teams vice president of player personnel for one year. Now he’s back the open market, and we don’t think someone with his resume will stay unemployed for very long.