The Cowboys And Zeke Elliot Are Close To A Reunion

Football | 9/3/19
ezekiel elliott contract with the cowboys
Juan Moore/Getty Images
Juan Moore/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott made it clear to the Dallas Cowboys this offseason that he would not begin his fourth professional season in the NFL without a new deal. Dallas let the star running back hold-out, confident they would have him back ready for the beginning of the season. Now, if rumblings are true, that very much will happen.

On September 3rd, Pro Football Talk reported that the team and Elliott were coming close to terms on a contract that would run for six years and earn the elite athlete $90 million. However, PFT also noted that those numbers weren’t official.

Then, a few hours later, it was reported that Elliott was flying from Cabo, where he spent the offseason training, to Dallas. His representation was also heading to Dallas, where they would finish working out the details on making Zeke the highest-paid running back in the history of the NFL.

If the deal comes together, which it is expected to, all eyes will turn to the Los Angeles Chargers and Melvin Gordon. Like Elliott, Gordon has chosen to hold-out until he gets a new contract. Unlike Dallas, the Chargers have made it clear they will not negotiate until the end of the season, although they have allowed Gordon to seek a trade.