Best Of The Rest: The Greatest QBs In Franchise History

Football | 10/1/20

The quarterback position is the most important on any NFL team. Not only does he relay the play call from the sidelines to his offensive teammates, but he is also responsible for the effectiveness of the passing game. Some QBs, like Drew Brees and Tom Brady, are easily the best in the history of their franchises. For other teams, the choice isn’t as easy — in Philadelphia does the honor go to Ron Jaworski, Donovan McNabb, or Nick Foles? Read ahead to find out who the best QB in franchise history is for your favorite team!

Arizona Cardinals – Kurt Warner

kurt warner arizona
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

At the end of the day, Super Bowls matter, and this decision came down to the QB, Jim Hart, who spent 17 seasons in Arizona, or QB, Kurt Warner, who took the team to within moments of winning the Super Bowl. We went with Kurt Warner.

Signed as the back-up to Matt Leinart, Warner was supposed to help tutor the young player, not overtake his job. Warner did just, that, though. He became the starter and revived his career in the desert, leading the team to the Super Bowl in 2008.