Here Are Some Little-known Facts About Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch

Football | 5/3/19

Just after the 2019 NFL draft, Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement (for the second time) from the NFL, shocking the football community to its core. He’ll finish his career with over 10,000 rushing yards and 94 total touchdowns, including one as a passer.

While there’s plenty of talk about whether he’s going to be a surefire Hall of Famer, we wanted to explore the aspects of Lynch that no one really knows. From his family life to his spending habits to the reason he seemingly hates the media as much as he does — let’s go Beast Mode and dive in.

He Was A Beast In High School

Marshawn In High School Football running back
Digital First Media Group/Oakland Tribune via Getty Images
Digital First Media Group/Oakland Tribune via Getty Images

It kind of goes without saying that Marshawn Lynch was destroying defenses in high school. He played a ton of sports in his youth and excelled at all of them.

He played on the Oakland Tech basketball team that ended up making it to the state semifinals. But, his main focus was always football. He played a bunch of positions while in high school, including safety, linebacker, and quarterback. His QB experience paid off when he threw a touchdown pass in an NFL game with the Buffalo Bills.