NFL Trades That Dropped More Jaws Than Super Bowl XXXVIII

Football | 10/28/19

NFL franchises usually have a pretty good grasp on analyzing potential, but that doesn’t always guarantee success. We’re sure if the Atlanta Falcons knew Brett Favre only needed someone believing in him for him to become the player he became, they wouldn’t have traded him his first year on the team. Shocking, isn’t it? Well, the NFL has a lot of mind-blowing trades that have happened in the past that will make you drop your jaw. Take a read and find out what they were.

Brett Favre To The Jets

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Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Brett Farve had a stellar career for the Green Bay Packers. He won them a championship, he threw an insane amount of touchdowns, and he became a Green Bay hero. His downfall came after he repetitively kept playing with his retirement.

The front office didn’t like that too much, and they decided to ship Favre to the New York Jets. He still had on one shade of green, but he couldn’t match the same success he had as a Cheesehead.