These Are The NFL Stadiums That Give Fans The Best And Worst Experiences

Football | 3/28/21

When a NFL fan goes to watch their favorite team in person, they want to feel like a part of the team. There’s a reason Seahawks’ fans are known as the “12th Man”. Some stadiums are perfect for fans to yell and scream at the top of their lungs, disrupting the rhythm of the enemy. Other stadiums don’t offer the same reward. Some are out of the way and nearly impossible to get to while others look like they haven’t been renovated in 100 years. These are the best and worst stadiums for fans to experience the rush of the NFL!

BEST – Lambeau Field (Packers)

Not only are the Green Bay Packers one of the most storied franchises in the history of the NFL, but they also play in one of the league’s most iconic stadiums. Lambeau Field originally opened in 1957, and in 2019 has a maximum capacity of 81,435.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Fans at Lambeau are relentless when it comes to creating a home-field advantage. That, along with the frigid cold of Wisconsin, make this stadium a nightmare for everyone except Packers’ fans.